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Samplemodeling Solo & Ensemble Strings

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Samplemodeling Solo & Ensemble Strings

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You may:

  • choose between many languages (right upper corner on the first transaction page)
  • choose among different payment options (credit card, bank transfer, Giropay, PayPal or even a cash-prepayment via your bank)
  • choose between many currencies
  • activate or deactivate 2 extra options:
    • Backup-CD (12,5 EUR + VAT, if applicable)
    • Extended Download (6,99 EUR + VAT, if applicable; makes your download link available for 2 years)

CD Options

If you wish to receive our products also on a CD (or DVD), please activate the Backup-CD option on the transaction page. Plain, unmarked CD(s) or DVD(s) will be created and mailed in a simple paper envelope within 2 days. Please note that the backup CD is a service provided by ShareIt. The postal delivery may take up to 25 days, depending on the country. The cost of this option (12,5 EUR) does include the postage. The above information are provided for your convenience only. As soon as you enter the ShareIt pages, you will find the access to all the detailed information in 21 languages.

How much will I ultimately pay?

April 1st, 2020

To all our musician friends.

We share your concerns about the current situation. As musicians, we have not only lost the pleasure of gathering to play music, but also lost our gigs, commissions, and other sources of income.

As you know, in twelve years of activity, Samplemodeling policy was to stay away from discounts, sales, Black Fridays and so forth. We believe it is the fairest approach for all of our customers.

Before us there are probably weeks or months of social distancing. One can see it positively as a chance to work on projects, mastering our audio software, improving our playing technique, reading manuals etc. 😀

But the sad fact is that we are locked-down.

Under these difficult circumstances, we want to help. We will therefore make an exception to our policy.


Solo & Ensemble Strings v2.0.2(b) (KONTAKT)

EUR 299.00 instead of 399.00 (+ VAT if applicable, see below)


The Trumpet 3

EUR 119.00 instead of 159.00 (+ VAT if applicable, see below)

The Trombone 3

EUR 119.00 instead of 159.00 (+ VAT if applicable, see below)

French Horn & Tuba 3 (KONTAKT)

EUR 119.00 instead of 159.00 (+ VAT if applicable, see below)


Samplemodeling Brass (Trumpet 3, Trombone 3, French Horn & Tuba 3, KONTAKT)

EUR 299.00 instead of 399.00 (+ VAT if applicable, see below)

Important note

If you prefer to pay in US Dollars, British Pounds or any currency other than Euro, please consider that various exchange fees will be applied by Share-it. For currencies other than USD or GBP, for example, the charge applied by Share-It can be as much as 9 %. The charges for USD or GBP may still be 3 %. Due to the above fees, and to fluctuations of the currency exchange rates, the prices in USD and GBP indicated on our transaction pages will not reflect the price in Euro, and will be usually higher.

Therefore we strongly recommend paying in Euro, if possible. In this case Share-it will charge you exactly the price indicated in EUR (which has been stable since its introduction, years ago). Any additional charges will depend solely on your bank or credit card provider. Credit card providers, for example, typically charge from 1% to 2% only. Consult your bank or credit card provider for your actual rate. The fee will be in any case much less than 9 % - most likely below 2 %.

Please note that the initial price displayed on the order page may include the VAT. Whether you finally have to pay the VAT or not, depends on the country of your residence. Corporate European customers may apply their VAT-ID. The final price to be payed will be displayed on the payment page, before you click on "Buy now" button. Please note that more and more countries and states require the VAT payment. For more information please contact ShareIt, the transaction provider (see our Contact page for details).


Please do not forget to safely backup the downloaded files! Although the download links are valid for one month, (with the Extended Download Option for two years), they do not substitute the backup copy, which is the simplest and cheapest way to protect yourself against any data loss, like hard disk or system crash.

Alternatively, a physical CD Backup is also available (see above).

Please note that providing new installers will involve additional charges.

What happens after the purchase

Immediately after the payment, ShareIt/MyCommerce (our shop provider) sends an email to you, which contains:

  • all the download links to the products
  • in the attachment: the invoice and the license keys / serial numbers
  • Before going to the transaction/payment page following the links below, please make sure that you do not use firewall settings, SPAM filters, or whatever means which could block the emails coming from ShareIt/MyCommerce, or any emails containing download links (otherwise keep checking your SPAM filter). It´s also a good idea to set the domain "" or "" on the white list.

After the approval of the transaction/payment, it takes usually seconds, or no more than a few minutes to get the download links via email. (In some rare cases it can take longer time). In case of any problems with the mail delivery or payments, please contact ShareIt/MyCommerce as explained on our Contact page.


Please note that you may proceed with the purchase only after accepting the End User License Agreement.

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