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The Trombone

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works of art


Composed and performed "out of the box" using Yamaha Wind Controller (WX7) by Torsten Kamps

Created by Matthew Moore. Courtesy of The Scoring House

Composed by Duke Ellington, played by DS Tong with The Trombone 3 and the EWI 4000S

Created by Louay Hanna

By Frank Herrlinger (1 Bass Trombone, 2 Tenor Trombones, 1 Trumpet)

Composed and performed by Bruce Miller

Composed and performed by Jason Graves

Excerpt from John Williams' Jabba, performed by Roberto Soggetti

Composed and performed by Roberto Soggetti

Composed and performed by Dan Radlauer


Composed and performed by Roberto Soggetti


Created by James Newman

All three pieces above composed by Rohan De Livera,

Composed and performed by Martin Schommer

Composed and performed by Jean-Philippe Rykiel using Samplemodeling brass

Composed and performed on EWI by Sascha Knorr, using all Samplemodeling Brass

Composed by Justin Paul, Orchestrated and programmed by August Eriksmoen

Arranged & produced by Dave Lebolt

Arranged & produced by Torsten Kamps

Composed & Performed by Jacques Mathias


Performed by Leandro Abreu, using all Samplemodeling Brass

Created and performed by Tom Hopkins on EWI

Created by James Newman

Created by Sascha Knorr (composed by John B. Dykes)

Cover versions of Disney┬┤s movie "Frozen" (wind arrangements only), created by Jorgen Bjerke using Samplemodeling wind instruments

Composed by Gustav Holst, performed and edited by Yosuke Horie ("the one of the fate"), using all Samplemodeling instruments

All Brass by Samplemodeling
Original music from the Imax 3D production "Dragons, real myths and unreal creatures"
Music composed and orchestrated by Gilles Leveille
Copyright: Abaca Group inc. 2013, Canada

Composed by John Williams, programmed by Sam Paryss

Composed by Sam Paryss, inspired by John Williams

Created and performed by James Newman, using all Samplemodeling instruments.


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