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The Sax Brothers demos

This page features official and user demos for both Mr Sax T. and The Sax Brothers. To download them please right-click on the titles and choose "Save as".
NEWPlump and Juicy
Composed by Justin Paul, Orchestrated and programmed by August Eriksmoen.
GBZ Opening Big Band
Arranged & produced by Dave Lebolt
Printemps (Samplemodeling Big Band demo)
arranged & produced by Torsten Kamps
GBZ Opening Jump Blues
Arranged & produced by Dave Lebolt
Currywurst and Beer
Arranged & produced by Frank Herrlinger
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Arranged & produced by Dannie Davies. Courtesy of DeWolfe Publishing
Snow Falls Slowly at Night
arranged & produced by Frank Herrlinger
Just Feel It
Bone's Bolero
The Super Potatoe
  Composed & Performed by Jacques Mathias

Mr Sax T. only demos

Tawny Phase
The Dawn
Electric Funk

*The above demos were composed and performed by Maciej Mulawa.

Download Exported Midi File MIDI files
These are the MIDI files of the above audio demos, provided for educational purpose only.

Mr Sax T. user demos

Funky Road Rush
  Stephan Römer
Alto Imitation
  Dan Radlauer
Mr. mar Tini
  Dan Radlauer
  Craig Sharmat
Santa Claus is coming to town
  David Hearn
Saturday Night Grace
  Perry D'Armond
T and Flugal Blues
  Dan Radlauer

The Sax Brothers demos

  Roberto Soggetti
One happy family
  Dan Radlauer
Mr Sax A + B
  Stephan Römer
Bad Boy Bari
  Dan Radlauer
Song for my father (video)

Middle Eastern Music

"Mr. Sax T.".
  Morad el Gzanay

Wind Controller

"Mr. Sax T.".
  Sandalo Giordano
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