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New updates (v2.5.0) for The Saxophones, Clarinets, Double Reeds and (v1.2.1) for The Flutes are now available

These updates introduce several improvements concerning timbre, breath modeling, legato, early reflections, dynamic pan, etc. for the Saxophones (including Soprano Sax), Clarinets, Double Reeds (including Oboe & English Horn).

The updates also include important fixes for all products (including The Flutes), concerning AAX 32bit compatibility and save/recall issues reported on some platforms (including Logic Pro X, Vienna Ensemble Pro and Fruity Loops).

The updates can be downloaded for free at SWAM Engine Downloads.


Your Samplemodeling Team


Yannick Zenhäusern has made available the first part of a series of video demonstrations of Samplemodeling instruments. Here it goes:

Sample Modeling virtual instruments - review by GoldenZen: Introduction (1/8)

Dear Samplemodeling customer:

please read this news thoroughly - it includes some additional important information (see (2) below).


The newly developed Flutes can now be purchased and downloaded from our website. The package includes four instruments, namely C-flute, piccolo, alto and bass flutes, and exploits our proprietary platform with all the features of previous SWAM-based instruments including realtime-controlled formants, BC mode, microtuning,  AAX support for Protools (32 & 64 bit), plus several improvements, including reduced CPU load, and a new Style slider adapting the instrument response to various styles from Classical to Jazz or Ethnic.

The Flutes will be available in one package only. The cost of all four instruments is Euro 229,- (+VAT, if applicable).

All Samplemodeling customers are entitled to a time-limited 10% discount. Please note that this offer expires on June 15th, 2014.

To obtain the discount code please send an e-mail with the subject "Flute discount" to:

supplying the name and the serial number (Kontakt), or license key (SWAM) of any of your Samplemodeling product.

In return, you will get a personal, non transferable code number. It will allow you to purchase The Flutes for EUR 206,-  instead of 229,- (excl. VAT).

(Note: it will be an automatically generated email, please do not reply).

While purchasing the Flutes, please enter the coupon code into the appropriate window at the first transaction page ("Your Coupon Code", below the product name).

IMPORTANT NOTE: the discount coupon that you will receive is strictly personal and non transferable. Violation of this rule will ultimately result a non-working instrument.

2) Important information for all SWAM users

We have just released the latest updates which are available for free on the usual update page:

We strongly suggest to update your SWAM instruments as soon as possible. Updating is very easy and fast; the downloaded product installer replaces the instruments automatically, without losing your presets.

These updates are particularly important for customers using the older versions of the saxophones and clarinets (v.1.x), which required separate license key for each instrument.  The downloaded updates will include your new personal license keys which, after activation, will replace the previous ones. Please note that the old versions (1.x) will not be longer supported in a near future.

The newest versions include many improvements and fixes, offering  new useful features like Breath Controller mode or remarkably reduced CPU load (see the appropriate Release Notes in the Readme files). Furthermore, the copy protection is much more convenient since a single license key activates all instruments belonging to the product.

Enjoy! :)

Best regards,

Your Samplemodeling & SWAM Team

Dear Samplemodeling customer:

The new Trombone 3
created by Peter Siedlaczek & Giorgio Tommasini
is out!

The newly developed Trombone 3 for Kontakt 4.2 and 5, exploiting our proprietary technologies, and including the following new features*:
  1. New Early Reflections algorithm
  2. Virtual Soundstage, including distance control
  3. Real time Timbral Shaping
  4. Microtuning
  5. Expression Mapping
  6. Breathy Attacks
  7. "For Unison Ensemble" Impulse Response
  8. Unison Ensemble Multi
can now be purchased and downloaded from our website. (*For a detailed description, please visit the Trombone 3 page on our website)

The Trombone 3 package includes three Tenor, one Valve and one Bass Trombone.


The retail price for the Trombone 3 is € 159 + (+ VAT if applicable).

All owners of The Trombone 1 are entitled to purchase The Trombone 3 for only € 30 (+ VAT if applicable).

In addition:

All customers who bought the Trombone 1, whether alone or in a bundle, after June 30th 2013, are entitled to purchase the Trombone 3 for only Eur 20 (+VAT if applicable).

To obtain the discount code:
Please click here and follow the instructions.

You will be asked to supply:

  1. the email address used when purchasing;
  2. the Trombone 1 license key.

In return, you will get a personal, non transferable, discount coupon.
It will allow you to purchase the Trombone 3 at the discounted price reported above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: the discount coupon that you received is strictly personal and non transferable. Violation of this rule will ultimately result a non-working instrument.

While purchasing the new Trombone 3, please enter the discount code into the appropriate window (on the transaction page or in the cart, right below the product name).
This will reduce the price from € 159 to € 30 or 20 (+VAT, if applicable).


Best regards,
Giorgio & Peter

For owners of Oboe & English Horn wishing to upgrade to Double Reeds:

Please click here and follow the instructions

You'll need to supply:

1) the email address used when purchasing

2) one valid license key

In return, you will get a personal, non transferable, discount coupon.
It will allow you to purchase the Double Reeds for EUR 50 instead of 199, (excl. VAT)

Best regards,
Giorgio & Peter

September 10th, 2013

The TouchKeys, developed by Andrew McPherson at Queen Mary University of London, add touch sensing to the surface of any keyboard, measuring the position of the fingers on the keys. Using the TouchKeys with Sample Modeling instruments, it's possible to play vibrato, pitch bends, scoops and falls with a single hand, all by how the fingers move on the key surfaces:

Watch on Youtube


Peter & Giorgio

September 2nd, 2013

An excellent tutorial by Perry D'Armond, focused on Breath Controllers (BC3 & TEC) driving Samplemodeling Virtual Instruments.

Watch on Youtube


Giorgio & Peter

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